Dunkery Vineyard - Exmoor     A list of our wines: from March, 2017

For quality, finesse and individuality we believe you will not find better value than these wines; they are complex, with vinosity, never bland, never boring, not 'alcoholic grape juice' like most modern wines.
The real test of a bottle of wine is the last glass not the first.

The prices include Customs Duty plus Vat @ 20.0%. A discount of approximately 20% (off the basic price excluding Duty and Vat) is given to trade customers.
We send wines by 'mail order'
for an additional charge:- (6 or 12 bottles for 9.50).

To place an order:  please e-mail Derek@exmoor-excellence.com listing the wines you wish to buy and saying if you are a private buyer or trade customer. We will then e-mail you a pro-forma invoice.
It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to attempt to buy alcoholic drinks.
The Lot number L:**** printed on the label identifies the particular wine.

Dry White - L:MA2005 - Madeleine Angevine - (11% alcohol) - green+gold capsule
     Madeleine Angevine blended with 24% of our Chardonnay, nice aromatic character.
     6.99  (trade price 5.08 + vat)

Dry White - L:Kernling2005 - Kernling grapes - (11% alcohol) - white capsule   
     slight muscat flavour, with lovely viscosity and golden colour.
     6.99  (trade price 5.08 + vat)

Exmoor Brut - Quality Sparkling Wine (12% alcohol) - silver label and capsule
     Pure Pinot Noir, 'bottle fermented' like champagne, more than 8 years 'on the yeast'.
     Superb mousse - the smallest and longest-lasting bubbles I've ever seen.
     Lovely aroma, colour and complex long-lasting flavour from the Pinot Noir grapes.
     19.95  (trade price 13.90 + vat)
"Yours is the first English Sparkling Wine I have tasted (and I've tasted quite a few!) that has the true characteristics of a Champagne.  Excellent.  Best wishes," (by e-mail from an English Sparkling Wine grower).
and from another customer "The wines you sent me were excellent particularly the sparkling which is the tastiest English sparkling wine I have ever tasted including Nyetimber and Ridgeview.".

Rose - L:2006 (11% alcohol) - copper capsule
     Lovely colour, fruity, nice chilled on a summer day.
     7.60  (trade price 5.48 + vat)

Red - L:Dornfelder 2004 (11% alcohol) - red capsule
     Our Dornfelder grapes. Some years in a new American oak barrique.
     A lighter red, clean taste, oaky, delicious!
     9.00  (trade price 6.40 + vat)

Our dry wines are naturally dry, we don't sweeten them (up to the legal limit for dry wine) as many vineyards do. They are at their best when accompanying good food.

To fully appreciate these fine wines they should be served at the following temperatures:- white and ros wines at about 13C, sparkling wine at about 9C, red wines at about 20C.

We sell most of our wines direct to consumers, but they are also available at the following  retail outlets:-